Safe Drilling Now
Senator Tom Libous supports environmentally safe drilling because we need prosperity.

NCPR: Anti-fracking activists now fight against oil infrastructure


Environmentalists are on to their next fight - with energy companies.

From North Country Public Radio:

"It is not fracking that has caused worry. It is the industry infrastructure that has a large footprint in the state, despite the fact the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation announced late last year that fracking would not be permitted in New York.

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Zucker Confirmed as Health Commissioner


On Tuesday, Howard Zucker’s confirmation as Commissioner of Health for New York State passed the Senate. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there to vote no and speak against the confirmation due to my back surgery.

In December, he  recommended a ban on hyrdo fracking in New York. I don’t believe his decision was based on scientific evidence – I believe he was swayed by downstate environmentalists and their fear-mongering anecdotes.

If we work together toward real solutions and safe regulations rather than burying our heads in the sand, the Southern Tier could be a leader in safe drilling and job creation.

I’m still fighting – I hope you are too.    

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NY Post: How New York government keeps failing the Upstate economy


Governor Cuomo hasn't made good on his promise to invest in economic development for the Southern Tier after banning natural gas drilling in December.

From the New York Post:

"After Gov. Cuomo banned fracking in New York in December, he promised residents in the state’s Southern Tier that he would provide them with new government investments to jumpstart economic activity in their depressed region, including millions of dollars to attract “clean energy businesses and jobs.”

But already, according to upstate press reports, Cuomo’s modest initiatives have stalled. This week, reported that the state cut in half the money it will devote to luring new energy companies to counties that border Pennsylvania west of the Catskills.

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Energy in Depth: NY Anti-Fracking Peer Reviewer Calls Women Energy Workers ‘Prostitutes’


A new debate has arisen about the number of women working on the oil and gas industry. Opponents of gas drilling say that the only women who benefit are "prostitutes and maids" while supporters site that women hold 19% of the jobs in the oil and gas industry.

From Energy in Depth:

Sandra Steingraber, the peer reviewer of a key research paper used to justify New York’s ban on hydraulic fracturing recently stated: “Fracking as an industry serves men. 95 percent of the people employed in the gas fields are men. When we talk about jobs, we’re talking about jobs for men, and we need to say that. And the jobs for women are hotel maids and prostitutes. So when we talk about fracking coming into a community what we see is that women take a big hit, especially single women who have children who depend on rent to own housing.” 

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Ithaca Journal: Lifton seeks public comment on shale gas final SGEIS


New York Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton wants another public comment period for the natural gas drilling environmental impact report.

From the Ithaca Journal:

"Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton said Monday she has sent a letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo urging that the public be given the opportunity to comment on the scope of the final SGEIS, or Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement, for shale gas extraction before it is adopted."

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April 23: U.S.House Committee Hearing on Hydraulic Fracturing


The United States House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology is having a committee hearing entitled Hydraulic Fracturing: Banning Proven Technologies on Possibilities Instead of Probabilities on April 23 at 9:00am.

This hearing will likely discuss the implications of Governor Cuomo's recent ban on natural gas drilling in New York.

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From Energy in Depth "New EPA Report Refutes Activists’ Claims on Fracking Fluid"

colored_beakers.jpgNew research from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is making it difficult for anti-fracking activists to continue making their oft-repeated claims about the composition of hydraulic fracturing fluid.

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Science Insider: Methane in drinking water unrelated to fracking, study suggests


A new study shoes that fracking is not significantly contributing to the leakage of methane into drinking water.

From Science Insider:

"Fracking doesn’t appear to be allowing methane to seriously contaminate drinking water in Pennsylvania, a new study finds—contrary to some earlier, much publicized research that suggested a stronger link. But the lead authors of the two bodies of research are sparring over the validity of the new results."


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LA Times: In New York state, fracking ban fuels secession talk


An in-depth article explores the various causes of the Southern Tier secession movement.

From the LA Times:

"Broome County, which includes Windsor, is the southern tier's most populous county. Its biggest city and the county seat, Binghamton, had 80,000 residents in 1950. Today, it is home to 47,000 people. The fracking ban came on the same day that the state rejected the area's bid for two casinos, exacerbating locals' despair.

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Star Gazette: Reed says federal fracking rules could be used in N.Y.


The Federal Government has updated their natural gas drilling regulations. Congressmen Reed thinks this is a good opportunity for New York to reconsider it's ban.

From the Star Gazette:

"New federal regulations for hydraulic fracturing on federal lands should compel Gov. Andrew Cuomo to reconsider New York’s ban on the drilling method, Rep. Tom Reed said Monday

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