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Penn Live: How Marcellus Shale divided a state: 'Left-wing wackos' vs. struggling small towns


Penn Live gives an in-depth look into the history of the contentious fracking debate in New York and how the Southern Tier has reached their breaking point.

From Penn Live:

"Even if the small towns in New York State's economically struggling Southern Tier never actually secede to join Pennsylvania, the intrastate battle over fracking the Marcellus Shale has already divided the Empire State.

The divisions here are as deep as they are bitter. Pick your comparison: The poor stepchild. The squeaky wheel that never gets any grease. The overlooked loser. The perennial last-place political finisher.

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Capital New York: Court of Appeals hears arguments on drilling leases


The New York State Court of Appeals is currently debating if natural gas drilling leases were extended indefinitely because of Governor Paterson's moratorium or the recent fracking ban.

From Capital New York:

"On Wednesday, the Court of Appeals heard the case of a group of 30 Tioga County landowners who signed gas leases with energy companies. The leases were originally signed in 2001, then renewed in 2006. They contained a “force majuere” clause, which stated that if there was disruption as a result of a regulation that time should not be counted against the lease.


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Poughkeeosie Journal: Fracking waste must be dealt with responsibly


A recent opinion piece from the Poughkeepsie Journal editorial board outlines their concerns about fracking waste in New York.

From the Poughkeepsie Journal:

"After wrestling with the issue for years, top state officials have made it clear that fracking won’t be allowed within New York’s borders, saying the health and environmental risks are too great.

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State of Politics: Martens On Fracking Secession: ‘I Can Understand The Disappointment’


New York State DEC Commissioner Joe Martens says he sympathizes with land owners in the Southern Tier - but still claims safety is the number one concern of fracking. 

From State of Politics:

"As some in the Southern Tier contemplate a succession effort following the state’s move to ban hydrofracking, Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Joe Martens acknowledged landowners “lost an opportunity” to develop natural gas, but added that safety was paramount in the state’s decision.


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UOGR: FERC approves Constitution pipeline to move Marcellus gas northeast


The Constitution Pipeline is moving forward as New York continues to miss out on the economic opportunities generated by natural gas drilling.

From the Unconventional Oil and Gas Report:

"The Marcellus and Utica natural gas plays have made headlines for years, but moving the gas to end users to the East has not been easy due to a limited pipeline capacity.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has approved Constitution pipeline. Several other pending projects also seek to deliver Marcellus-Utica gas to customers in the Northeast, a region growing more dependent on gas for electric power generation.

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EID: Fracking Foes Attack EID for Exposing N.Y. Peer-Review Scandal

New York's decision to ban fracking has lead to a heated discussion about how impartial the parties in the decision making process really were.

From Energy in Depth:

"Energy industry opponents are lashing out at Energy In Depth for exposing the role of “ban fracking” activists in creating research used by the Cuomo administration to justify New York’s ban on shale gas development.

The Public Accountability Initiative (PAI) – funded by the anti-drilling Park Foundation, along with many other  “ban fracking” groups – criticized EID this week claiming that we host “industry-friendly fracking studies” on our website.  The political attack comes just weeks after EID revealed that a research paper touted as peer-reviewed science – and used to justify New York’s ban on shale gas development – was actually written and peer-reviewed by active opponents of shale gas development.

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Ithaca Journal: N.Y. landfills taking tons of PA drilling waste


In a recent report by the Environmental Advocates of New York they outline the how much waste New York landfills are taking from Pennsylvania fracking. New York's DEC says it's legal because they are just drill cuttings, not hazardous chemicals.

From the Ithaca Journal:

"At least 460,000 tons and 23,000 barrels of waste from Pennsylvania drilling operations have been taken in by a handful of New York landfills since 2010, according to a new analysis Thursday.

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Gannett: Cuomo on lifting fracking ban: “I would never”


It looks like Governor Cuomo isn't receptive to revisiting the ban on natural gas drilling - no matter what new evidence comes to light.

From Gannett:

"Cuomo was asked in Buffalo by a reporter on whether his planned ban would be strong enough or could be lifted.

His only response was: “I would never, so.”

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Capital New York: Cuomo’s post-fracking investments in the Southern Tier


A recent article from Capital New York examines Governor Cuomo's economic plan for the Southern Tier now that gas drilling has been taken off the table. Some say the Governor's measures are inadequate compensation for the loss of gas drilling revenue. 

From Capital New York:

"Last month, when Cuomo banned natural gas drilling in New York, which industry officials said could have brought billions of dollars in investment to the Southern Tier, he said he would explore other industries for the region. In his budget address last week, he announced more than $50 million in investments for clean energy, agriculture and the renewable wood products industry in the Southern Tier. That's on top of his pressuring the state casino siting board to reopen bidding for a casino there.


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Post Standard: A Profile in Cowardice: Cuomo's Fracking Ban (Commentary)


Dr. Gilbert Ross, the Executive director of The American Council on Science and Health in New York, penned a letter to the Syracuse Post Standard lambasting Governor Cuomo and fracking opponents for their lack of evidence-based decision making.

From the Post:

"Once proudly the Empire State, most progressive in the nation, New York is now the only state with significant natural gas resources to ban fracking -- 35 other states have been fracturing shale for over 50 years. Cuomo and his Acting Commissioner of Health Dr. Howard Zucker, ignored the trove of empirical evidence supporting fracking's minimal health and environmental threat. While those states are benefiting from this technology, one needs only visit the New York-Pennsylvania border to observe the bustling economy south of the line.

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