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Senator Tom Libous supports environmentally safe drilling because we need prosperity.

April 23: U.S.House Committee Hearing on Hydraulic Fracturing


The United States House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology is having a committee hearing entitled Hydraulic Fracturing: Banning Proven Technologies on Possibilities Instead of Probabilities on April 23 at 9:00am.

This hearing will likely discuss the implications of Governor Cuomo's recent ban on natural gas drilling in New York.

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From Energy in Depth "New EPA Report Refutes Activists’ Claims on Fracking Fluid"

colored_beakers.jpgNew research from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is making it difficult for anti-fracking activists to continue making their oft-repeated claims about the composition of hydraulic fracturing fluid.

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Science Insider: Methane in drinking water unrelated to fracking, study suggests


A new study shoes that fracking is not significantly contributing to the leakage of methane into drinking water.

From Science Insider:

"Fracking doesn’t appear to be allowing methane to seriously contaminate drinking water in Pennsylvania, a new study finds—contrary to some earlier, much publicized research that suggested a stronger link. But the lead authors of the two bodies of research are sparring over the validity of the new results."


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LA Times: In New York state, fracking ban fuels secession talk


An in-depth article explores the various causes of the Southern Tier secession movement.

From the LA Times:

"Broome County, which includes Windsor, is the southern tier's most populous county. Its biggest city and the county seat, Binghamton, had 80,000 residents in 1950. Today, it is home to 47,000 people. The fracking ban came on the same day that the state rejected the area's bid for two casinos, exacerbating locals' despair.

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Star Gazette: Reed says federal fracking rules could be used in N.Y.


The Federal Government has updated their natural gas drilling regulations. Congressmen Reed thinks this is a good opportunity for New York to reconsider it's ban.

From the Star Gazette:

"New federal regulations for hydraulic fracturing on federal lands should compel Gov. Andrew Cuomo to reconsider New York’s ban on the drilling method, Rep. Tom Reed said Monday

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Midland Reporter Telegram :Oil UT Professor: Technology revived, will sustain oil industry

A professor from the University of Texas talks about why natural gas drilling technology is so important to the industry.

From the Midland Reporter Telegram:

"Participating in the “UT In A Day” event in Midland, Jon Olson attributed the “innovative application of technology by petroleum engineers” as responsible for the recent oil and gas boom. He told those in attendance the current shale-oil-fueled boom, which lasted about eight years, has by far surpassed the last great domestic oil discovery in Alaska."

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The Hill: Stand up to junk science on fracking


In a recent op-ed, Thomas Pyle outlines the scientific inaccuracies in the anti gas drilling movement.

From The Hill:

America’s smart drilling revolution has bestowed numerous economic and environmental benefits. Innovative entrepreneurs who combined horizontal drilling with hydraulic fracturing have led to huge increases of domestic energy production, making the U.S. the number one oil and gas producer in the world. We did all this while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality.

It’s puzzling, then, that Lois Marie Gibbs would claim in an op-ed on this site that “the science and experiences of Americans” show that hydraulic fracturing poses “immense harm to people across the nation.”

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Energy in Depth - Harvard Professor: Shale Gas Revolution Heralds New Era


Even the great minds at Harvard are praising natural gas production and its positive economic impact.

From Energy in Depth:

In a talk earlier this week, Professor John Shaw, chair of Harvard’s Earth and Planetary Sciences Department and a professor of environmental science and engineering, said America’s shale gas revolution has transformed the energy picture in the United States in the last decade and is poised to continue shaping new paradigms.

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Shell certified as environmentally conscious driller


From Trib: “I think it manifests that we're really moving forward on what we said we were going to do,” said Susan LeGros, who became executive director of the Downtown center a year ago, just after it began accepting applications for certification.

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The Economist: A frack too far


The Southern Tier's economy has stagnated and the opportunity for a revitalization has been put on hold with the natural gas drilling ban.

From the Economist:

“I HONESTLY thought it was a joke,” says Sandy Pinney. She means the threat that Windsor, her hometown, along with 14 other towns along New York’s border with Pennsylvania, may secede and join Pennsylvania. But it is deadly serious.

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